New AliExpress coupons that will allow you to save $ 20, $ 25 and up to $ 30 on your purchases

New AliExpress coupons that will allow you to save $ 20, $ 25 and up to $ 30 on your purchases

From time to time, the famous online shopping platform AliExpress adds new promotions in discount coupon format, allowing us to purchase our favorite items at a much lower price than the one established by default.

Now, AliExpress has launched a new campaign with the theme of the beginning of Ramadan , where we can get various discount coupons of 20 , 25 and up to $ 30 / € 28 to use in purchases over $ 120 / € 107 . Emphasize that we can acquire any product available on the entire AliExpress platform .

In this way, if we apply the discount coupon of $ 30 / € 28 we could get the Redmi Note 7 4GB + 64GB from only about € 140 / $ 157 or even the Xiaomi Mi 9 with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage at a price of only about € 370-380 / $ 428 . Similarly, remember that the only requirement to use these coupons is that the purchase is at least $ 120 , so we can buy various items at a lower price until you reach that minimum .

How to get the discount coupons?

To get these new discount coupons just have to access from this link and click on the button located on the right side " LIGHT UP RAMADAN ". Once done we will be shown a new image with the coupons where we will press each day on the text " LIGHT UP ". In this way we will collect lamps to unlock the various coupons .

Once we unlock 3 of these lamps we can get the discount coupon of $ 20 . In turn, when we have 6 lamps we can get the coupon of $ 25 and once we have 12 lamps we can get the fantastic coupon of $ 30 discount on purchases over $ 120 .

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