Leak to "GTA 6" is supposed to reveal story and several locations

Leak to "GTA 6" is supposed to reveal story and several locations

How about "GTA 6"? After the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2" Rockstar Games is working hard on the next Open World game. An alleged leak is now roughly betrayed the course of action, the game should also return to two well-known scenes.

Back in December, the rumor was that "GTA 6" should play both in Liberty City and in Vice City. Now, this claim reappeared in a post on the website Pastebin, as Dexerto reports . According to an anonymous author, the player starts his career in "GTA 6" as a street rogue in Liberty City and later becomes a gangster boss in Vice City.

Does "GTA 6" work with Flashbacks?

Between these two eras there should be a time jump and flashbacks in "GTA 6". Rockstar Games would release the Open World game on PS5 and the next Xbox, as two large cities connected by rural areas would require appropriate performance. Also, there should be random encounters in the game world, as they are known from "Red Dead Redemption 2".

Truth Questionable: "GTA 6" with cloud gaming support

Other cities could be added as later content using cloud gaming, Rockstar working closely with Sony and Microsoft together. The truth of this alleged "GTA 6" -Leak is of course questionable. The fact that Pastebin has deleted the corresponding entry can, however, be interpreted as if Rockstar Games had its hands in the game. The December rumor, however, is still online today.

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