Tomorrow Monday we could have new data from Redmi's flagship (Redmi X)

Tomorrow Monday we could have new data from Redmi's flagship (Redmi X)

After a long week full of new rumors and information from the executives of Xiaomi, today Lu Weibing has dropped on Weibo that tomorrow we could receive new information related to the expected flagship of Redmi .

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It is clear that the new flagship of Redmi is very close , and is that its CEO, Lu Weibing has dropped numerous times in recent weeks that we will soon know all the details of this high-end smartphone.

In addition, just a few hours ago, the CEO himself has indicated, in his account of the Chinese social network Weibo, the word translated into Spanish " Mañana ". A new publication that according to have been commenting fans of the brand in China, could lead to Monday we receive new data or a possible official announcement date of Redmi flagship .

New information from Redmi X.

Publication by Lu Weibing on Weibo.

Recall that for now, although in other media indicate more details about it, it is only officially known that this new high range, which could be called Redmi X , will have a Snapdragon 855 processor, NFC connection and an audio jack port .

In addition, Lu Weibing has confirmed that it will be one of the smartphones with the best performance / price ratio , suggesting that it will be a more powerful mobile terminal than the Xiaomi Mi 9 but that in turn could be more economical.

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