Now you can buy the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S: Probably the best robot vacuum cleaner of this 2019

Now you can buy the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S: Probably the best robot vacuum cleaner of this 2019

Every day there are more households that bet on "adopting" a vacuum cleaner robot , and that is because these small devices allow us to have totally impeccable, without any effort, the surface of our house. That is why Xiaomi did not hesitate to present its Mi Vacuum range, several vacuum cleaner robots that have now been renewed with the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S and which, as is usual with the brand, includes one of the best quality / price ratios in the world. market .

Recall that the Mi Vacuum range has been one of the series of robot vacuum cleaners most sold in Europe and China , also considered as the most complete and those that integrate a greater amount of technology always maintaining a low price and affordable for virtually any home .

Therefore, after reminding you of the main specifications of the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S we will list you where you can buy it at the best price and with a shipment from Spain , Europe or from China , so that you are where you are, you can buy this fantastic robot vacuum cleaner without spend more money and always with the reliability of being recognized sellers .

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S, now more precise

The new vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S has an improved LDS sensor , able to recognize all the walls, furniture and rooms of our home, to represent a map of this and to take the most efficient route in terms of cleanliness . In addition, by generating a map of our home, we can tell you what exact location we want to clean in the event that any dirt in one of our rooms spills.

Specifically, as we can see in the following image, thanks to this new sensor LDS composed in turn by five rotating sensors at an angle of 360 degrees , we can have a more detailed and accurate map of our home providing very useful information through of your APP as it is the fact of knowing that rooms are already clean and which are not.

It should be noted that its various sensors located at the top of the robot itself are protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass protection, thus allowing any hit or scratch does not adversely affect the detection of objects.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1s robot vacuum cleaner at the best price from Spain, Europe and China. Xiaomi Adictos News

Main characteristics and specifications

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S has measures of 350x350x96mm and a weight of 3.8Kg . Inside we find an A7 Cortex A35 ARMv8 64 bit processor capable of making a lower energy consumption and higher suction efficiency compared to the previous generation.

This new robot vacuum cleaner of Xiaomi maintains a battery of 5.200mAh to 58W able to offer 2.5 hours of uninterrupted cleaning , which translated into a more useful data, this allows to efficiently clean a total of 120 square meters . In addition, thanks to its numerous artificial intelligence algorithms, Mi Vacuum 1S will work fully autonomously, returning to its charging base when its battery falls below 20% . Its suction power has been increased to 2,000PA , guaranteeing a sufficient cleaning of any particle of dirt and even pet hair .

Buy Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S

If you want to buy the new generation of the famous robot vacuum cleaner of Xiaomi , you can do it through this renowned seller of AliExpress . Its price starts at € 298/331 and you can buy it with a shipment from Spain , various countries in Europe or from China to virtually any country in the world .

PRICE: € 298 / € 331 | SHOP: AliExpress
Buy Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1S on AliExpress

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