Controversial face recognition: New York student sued Apple for one billion dollars

Controversial face recognition: New York student sued Apple for one billion dollars

Many security professionals have high hopes for automatic facial recognition software. So far, most of the tests have not been as successful as expected. As part of the Champions League Finals 2017 in Cardiff about a proud 2,297 people were wrongly suspected . New York also shows that the technology is also unable to identify people in moving cars . A case from the United States now illustrates another vulnerability. Because there, the 18-year-old Ousmane Bah was taken out of bed early in the morning and arrested. The allegation: He allegedly committed thefts in several Apple stores. Particularly spicy: The responsible police officer pointed out that a software for face recognition Bah identified.

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The allegations were quickly withdrawn

However, the official also noticed quite quickly: There were no similarities between Bah and the person on the surveillance videos. In addition, the student had for one of the deeds a waterproof alibi. The allegations in New York and Boston were therefore quickly dropped again. In New Jersey is still officially determined, but also there should be no charges. But how did the confusion come about? Bah suspects that he has lost an identity document, with which the real culprit then identified in an Apple Store. As a result, the software connected the face with the data, which later led to the false suspicion. Apple, however, contradicts this version.

Maybe a service provider used the software

According to the information provided by the group, in fact no facial recognition software is used in the stores. Upon request, this was confirmed by the police officer, but remained with his initial statement that the corresponding software had led to the arrest of Bah. A possible solution to this alleged contradiction: Possibly the security service provider SIS Security uses the technology in the evaluation of surveillance videos. Bah can not laugh at the whole story: he has sued Apple and SIS Security and requires the proud sum of one billion dollars. Among other things, this is justified by the fact that he missed an important exam by involuntary stay with the police. Whether the lawsuit will be successful remains to be seen.

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