Xiaomi India teaches us the design of the new Redmi Y3 / S3

Xiaomi India teaches us the design of the new Redmi Y3 / S3

A few hours ago, Xiaomi India through its own official Twitter account , has shown on video the final design of which will be announced shortly, Redmi Y3 . In particular, this new video has been published as a test of its great resistance, a feature that is already integrating the brand from its Redmi Note 7 , will make this new terminal is much more resistant to falls and shocks .

Since a few days, Redmi has been announcing its new mobile terminal Y3 . A new device that will be officially announced this April 24 in India and that apparently, according to Xiaomi India shows us, will have a great resistance to blows, scratches and sagging. Most likely, this resistance is given, as is already the case with the Redmi Note 7, Note 7 Pro and Redmi 7 range, due to the integration of Corning Gorilla Galss 5 technology , both on its screen and in the back .

As we can see in the video below, which has also been the publication made on Twitter by Xiaomi India , this new Redmi Y3 , also known as Redmi S3 , will have a rear design in holographic finish . A new variant of design very similar to the already seen in the current flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9 .

In addition to this, we can see how this new mobile device will integrate a dual camera on its back and a notch in the form of a drop of water on its screen. In turn, will have a traditional fingerprint reader provided on the back .

One of the few internal features that we know exactly is that of its front camera, which apparently consists of a 32 megapixel sensor with which we can make high quality selfies . Of rest we still do not know any detail with accuracy, although everything indicates that its battery, as it happens with the rest of the Redmi 7 family, has a capacity of 4,000mAh .

via | Twitter Xiaomi India

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