Video: A pack of Boston Dynamics robots pulls a

Video: A pack of Boston Dynamics robots pulls a


Huskies are not a completely new invention. Rather, they already played an important role in the first trips to the North and South Poles. Somewhat unusual, however, is the video that Boston Dynamics has released. Because there are no real animals to see, but ten robots of the brand SpotMini. These artificial dogs weigh just under 30 kilograms, can run for around 90 minutes and lift weights of up to 14 kilograms. Thanks to the video we now know: Ten of the little robots are able to pull a truck. This stunt was presented to the public to refer to a special event. Because the development phase of the SpotMini is completed. Now the sale to end customers should begin.

Image: Boston Dynamics

The abilities of the robots are impressive

The application possibilities of the small robot are manifold. For example, use in a department store would be possible. Scenarios for the search and rescue of missing persons have also been played through. As so often the imagination of the developers are virtually unlimited. Ultimately, however, the free market will decide where the use of robots is actually possible and useful. The towing of trucks, however, is probably not more likely. With details to the video, the company also held back rather. So it is not known how long the battery of the robot stops when they have to pull such heavy loads. Nevertheless, the picture alone is of course impressive and proves to be an enormous performance.
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Boston Dynamics is one of the most innovative companies in the industry

During the action, however, still had a driver sitting at the wheel of the truck. But this happened purely for security reasons. The vehicle was towed exclusively by the SpotMinis. Boston Dynamics has already released a series of spectacular videos featuring its own robots in the past. So they can run faster than a human , get up by themselves and even complete a backflip . For a long time, the company was funded by Google, now it is part of the Japanese Softbank Group. With the sale of the SpotMini, for the first time own revenues are to be generated to a significant extent. Further products are already in the pipeline.

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