A new video of the redmi flagship is filtered (Redmi X – Redmi Pro 2)

A new video of the redmi flagship is filtered (Redmi X – Redmi Pro 2)

As we can see below, a few hours ago a new video was posted on the China Weibo social network, showing us what would apparently be Redmi's new flagship . Specifically, if we look at this video we can see several new features never before seen on a device of the brand and we will comment below.

Apparently, the new Redmi X or Redmi Pro 2 (has not yet been confirmed its commercial name) shows a design on its body very similar to that we have seen in other terminals of the brand such as the Redmi Note 7 or the Xiaomi Mi Play . The main difference is in its front, where as we can see has been designed with a camera embedded in the screen as we have seen in other terminals such as the Samsung S10 .

In addition, unlike other terminals of Redmi, this possible flagship shows a triple combination of rear camera , giving us to understand that probably mount photographic sensors very similar to those already seen in the Xiaomi Mi 9 .

Another detail that we may like less is the presence of a fingerprint reader on the back that, consequently, would result in a mobile terminal that although supposedly high-end does not have the novel system of reading traces under the screen .

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Undoubtedly, it is clear that this new design could be the most appropriate for Redmi's new flagship. And, we have to bear in mind that one of the main objectives of the brand is to guarantee a terminal at a very good quality / price ratio , which in turn could not compete with the current Xiaomi flagship and that so it would be reflected in the not integrate a fingerprint reader under the screen , as well as other features that for now we do not know officially.

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