The new Xiaomi Mi 9 becomes the cheapest smartphone to play Fortnite at 60fps

The new Xiaomi Mi 9 becomes the cheapest smartphone to play Fortnite at 60fps

Apparently, as indicated by XDA-Developers , the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 allows, thanks to its powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 , to execute the famous videogame of type Battle Royale at a frame rate of 60 fps .

It is clear that Fortnite is the game of the moment, so much so that even its producer EPIC GAME has set aside other titles to focus all its resources on improving its star game. Recall that Fortnite came to the PC market in 2017 as a revolutionary Battle Royal videogame. Little by little and due to its success, EPIC GAME decided to develop its compatibility with the rest of existing platforms: PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

To date, only some of the most current mobile terminals on the market and at the same time, quite high price as the last iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9 or Huawei Mate 20, could run the game Fortnite enjoying a user experience to 60fps .

Now, as reported by XDA-Developers , the new Xiaomi Mi 9 becomes the first non-Samsung mobile device, with Snapdragon 855 processor , to be able to run the highest sampling rate allowed by the Battle Royale.

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What's more, in this way the new Xiaomi Mi 9 becomes the most economical mobile device from which we can enjoy Fortnite at 60 fps . And is that you have to remember that offering a powerful Snapdragon 855 , 6GB of RAM and an incredible camera formed by three objectives whose main sensor is composed of a SONY IMX586 48 megapixels , this new flagship can be obtained in Spain at a price of only € 449 .

Undoubtedly, it is clear that Xiaomi, once again, gives us a great lesson demonstrating that it is not necessary to buy a € 1000 mobile device to be able to enjoy great potential, a premium finish and a camera that currently, as it is in the case of the Xiaomi Mi 9 , is located in the TOP 5 of best mobile cameras according to DxOMark .

via | XDA-Developers

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