Notch Pie: Add a battery indicator around any smartphone with drop-shaped notch

Notch Pie: Add a battery indicator around any smartphone with drop-shaped notch

It is clear that this 2019 will be characterized by the new fashion of integrating a reduced notch in the form of a drop of water on the screen of current smartphones. And is that for many this solution to the "problem" of getting a terminal " all screen " does not convince them, it is almost impossible to say, that this new type of notch has not greatly favored the design that we have previously seen in other devices with this notch

Now, oddlyspaced , a well-known developer of XDA-Developers , has published Notch Pie . A small application that allows us to take advantage of the design of the notch in the form of water, to show the battery percentage through an attractive design .

How to install Notch Pie?

Although its installation is relatively easy, here are 5 simple steps to correctly configure Notch Pie so that we can correctly view our battery percentage. Note that this application has been specially designed for terminal with notch in the form of a drop of water , so we can use it in the Redmi Note 7 , Redmi Note 7 Pro , Redmi 7 , Xiaomi Mi Play , Xiaomi Mi 9 , Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and any other new device that announces Xiaomi in the future and integrate this same design into your notch.

1. The first thing we should do is download Notch Pie from this link . Later we will install the application as if it were any other (As it is an application not published in the Google Play Store, it will ask us to enable the installation of unknown applications).

2. Next, once we have installed Notch Pie, upon opening it, it will ask for permissions to access and store it in the internal storage of our terminal, as well as to show up on other applications . Once enabled these permissions we can access Notch Pie for its configuration:

3. First, Notch Pie will ask us to adjust the position of the battery percentage design . To do this we will use the various positioning buttons that are on the bottom . Once adjusted to the contour of the notch will ask us to perform the same step but horizontally .

4. Next we will adjust the visible part of the battery indicator , that is, the line that will be visible indicating the battery percentage . For this we will increase the size of the line and later we will rotate until it covers the visible totality .

5. Subsequently, Notch Pie will allow us to indicate the size that the percentage line will have . At this point will be configured according to our personal taste . Finally, the application will ask us to enable the downloaded services , for it we will go directly to the settings window that shows us, then we will access Notch Pie or More download services , according to our version of MIUI and enable the permission for the application .

* Remember that if we want the application never to close and also start automatically we will have to enable these options from the multitasking window .

via | XDA-Developers

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