Important acquisition: Robots from Boston Dynamics are now learning to watch in 3D

Important acquisition: Robots from Boston Dynamics are now learning to watch in 3D

Boston Dynamics is an unusual company in many ways. So the company presented again and again robots with extraordinary capabilities – such as a backward saloon . Only on the question of how you really want to earn money, the managers were always silent. Instead, the startup initially belonged to Google's parent company Alphabet and now to the Japanese large corporation Softbank. From there also came the necessary investments. But now the robot smithy seems to have found a place to work with their products: warehouses and other logistics facilities. However, it is crucial that the robot recognizes which boxes and packages it is and how best to lift them.

Picture: Kinema Systems

Kinema Systems relies on artificial intelligence

For humans, this is not a big problem. He recognizes the necessary details in a fraction of a second and usually instinctively makes the right decision. For robots, however, this poses a huge challenge. Boston Dynamics has now purchased external help and has taken over Silicon Valley Startup Kinema Systems. The most important product of the newly acquired company: A software that uses artificial intelligence to enable robots to capture their environment three-dimensionally. Combined with the astonishing motor skills of Boston Dynamics' products, intelligent machines could soon emerge that integrate with normal workflows and are not limited to one repetitive activity.
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The software can be used on all robots

For example, pallets with packages of different sizes can be delivered to the robot, which it then independently sorts and processes. A special presorting is not necessary. The underlying software identifies each package individually and handles it according to its circumstances – as is the case with humans. Moreover, Kinema Systems' software is not tailored to a robot, but can be deployed over a large area. So the other products from Boston Dynamics should benefit from the acquisition in the future. Then the company could finally manage to generate significant revenue. However, especially in the logistics industry, the competition is also great. Amazon, for example, develops robots on its own.

Via: Tech Crunch

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