New VR headset Valve Index: release in June confirmed

New VR headset Valve Index: release in June confirmed

At the weekend there was a teaser for the Valve Index, the first own Virtual Reality Headset of the Steam Group. Now, the corresponding product page for VR glasses probably went a little early online and gave a better look at the hardware.

The product page for the new VR headset Valve Index went online for a short time and revealed further hardware details as well as the delivery start on 15 June. Twitter user Wario64 (via The Verge ) was able to capture screenshots of the page before it was taken offline again. The page for the corresponding Valve Index Controllers was therefore briefly to see, but without pictures.

Product images of the Valve Index show eye-catching headphones

After all, the screenshot shows the complete device for the first time. Remarkable are the integrated headphones with open back, which could allow an improved perception of the outside noise. The Valve Index product page also highlights the hardware connectors, including a DisplayPort 1.2 input and USB 3.0. Minimum requirement is an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card or better.

Official presentation scheduled for May 1st

The texts on the product page were largely made of blind text. However, Valve meanwhile confirmed the authenticity of the site. Details on the sensor cameras and information about the price of the Valve Index have not yet been issued. On May 1, an official product presentation will take place after which pre-orders will be accepted.

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