Dreampad 2.0: Smart pillow lulls you via Bluetooth musically

Dreampad 2.0: Smart pillow lulls you via Bluetooth musically

Anyone wallowing from one side to the other every night is grateful for any remedy to find peace. This is exactly where the smart Dreampad 2.0 cushion is used. It is designed to have a calming effect on the body and mind through unique, relaxing music.

After the predecessor was already successfully financed on Kickstarter, the Dreampad 2.0 has also found many fans on the crowdfunding platform. The smart pillow shines with old strengths, but also has a few new features in the luggage.

Wireless pillow now has Bluetooth on board

The Dreampad was previously firmly integrated into a pillow, it can now be combined with almost any head pad. The sleep gadget, reminiscent of a flat neck support, is more comfortable to transport than its predecessor due to its smaller size (about 2.5 centimeters thick) and fits in trolleys and Co. Bluetooth also has the wireless 2.0 version on board.

However, the basic functions remain the same. The Dreampad 2.0 is intended to help users fall asleep using music. However, no headphones are used for this purpose. Rather, the sound passes through the pillow directly into the body, where it should let the user to sleep. The manufacturer promises a completely different experience than listening to music through speakers.

Dreampad 2.0 does not bother the partner

The specially prepared pieces should have a calming effect on the body thanks to their unique sound. Since the music is transmitted via pressure transducers, the partner also gets nothing from the noise. The matching music can be found in the corresponding manufacturer app. Also a Spotify playlist is available.

Interested parties can secure the slightly different sleeping pillow from the equivalent of 88 euros on Kickstarter. However, the Dreampads are only shipped from a quantity of at least four pieces outside the United States. In May, the broadcasts should go out.

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