This sensor for power cables detects defective electrical devices before they break at all

This sensor for power cables detects defective electrical devices before they break at all

A defective electrical appliance may have fatal consequences. In companies, for example, often disruptions in the operation of the result. But it can also come to fires. Therefore, the sooner a potential defect is detected, the better. Researchers at MIT have now developed a sensor that works like a kind of early test. The big advantage: The sensor is simply plugged into a power cable from the outside. The cable does not have to be cut open or otherwise processed. The sensor then measures the amount of current passing through. Because it changes momentarily as soon as a device is switched on or off, it can be seen from the collected data, how many devices are currently active.

Picture: MIT

An increased power consumption indicates a defect

This alone can be of importance, because it makes it comparatively easy to see whether electricity is currently being consumed unnecessarily. For example, because a computer is still on, which is not needed. The capabilities of the sensor go beyond that. He also sounds the alarm when a device draws more or less current than usual. In general, this is a first sign of a defect. The sensor detects the error so even though the device itself still works as usual. As a result, repair work can be initiated early. The effects of the defect can be so clearly limited. You also do not need to evaluate complicated data tables to detect the deviations. Instead, this is clearly illustrated on the associated dashboard.

The system works without internet access

The system has already been tested on the US Coast Guard ship Spencer. There, the sensor was used to monitor about twenty electrical appliances. In fact, the technology reported increased power consumption in the water cooling of a diesel engine. Immediately, technicians set off and actually discovered a damaged insulation. In addition, smoke had already started. Without the early warning, a fire could possibly have arisen here. Another advantage of the new development is that it is a closed system. A connection to the Internet is therefore not necessary, making hacker attacks are much more difficult.

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