Tractor drive! "Battlefield 5" video stars "Firestorm" star

Tractor drive! "Battlefield 5" video stars "Firestorm" star

Finally, there are real gameplay impressions of "Firestorm", the upcoming Battle Royale mode of "Battlefield 5". A video shows the special features of the new interpretation of the mode. But many fans are obviously looking forward to a very specific vehicle …

A rolling fire wall, destructible buildings, underground bunkers with tanks in them, helicopters, vehicle drops on parachutes – all well and good, what gives us "Battlefield 5" in the "Firestorm" mode, but the clear star of the new gameplay video is a little red tractor.

Gameplay trailer with mascot

In the YouTube comments, the cuddly Ackermaschine frenetically celebrated and developer DICE also makes every effort to put the vehicle properly in scene: It roars with coupled artillery gun from a barn, causing chaos among enemy troops and sneaking around again more or less inconspicuous in the picture. Seems like the Battle Royale mode of Battlefield 5 has found its official mascot.

"Firestorm" release in a few days

How good the tractor is to actually survive a round of "firestorm" to the end, but still has to show. With a total of 17 vehicles on land, sea and in the air, the competition is strong at least – small, red and cute may not be enough there.

In this regard, we are already smarter in a few days: On March 25, "Firestorm" will be released as a free update for all players of "Battlefield 5" on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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