Dyson Pure Cool Me: New air cleaner scores with cooling airflow

Dyson Pure Cool Me: New air cleaner scores with cooling airflow

The next summer is no longer in the distance and when it gets as hot as last year, you should already think about cooling opportunities. Dyson has already thought ahead and brings fresh wind into the domestic four walls with Dyson Pure Cool Me.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is virtually air purifier and fan in one. Thanks to its innovative core flow technology, however, the cleaned airflow can be aligned with unexpected accuracy.

Focused airflow through core flow technology

The core-flow technology conducts strong airflows over a convex surface. Once these meet, they form a focused airflow. This can be aligned very precisely via the coupling mechanism of the air cleaner and ensures direct cooling for the user.

In addition, the device can be turned to the left and right, covering a range of 70 degrees. If you want to cool off at night, you can use the sleep timer. It provides the ability to start the Pure Cool Me at preset intervals of 30 minutes to eight hours.

Dyson Pure Cool Me removes 99.5 percent of all pollutants

But the Pure Cool Me not only provides cooling. First and foremost, the unit is an air purifier, which filters 99.5 percent of the air, gases and microscopic particles and pollutants thanks to an activated carbon and HEPA filter. An integrated reminder feature alerts the user when the filter should be changed.

An LCD display directly on the air purifier shows the airflow speed, the different modes and the filter life. The Pure Cool Me is according to Dyson the first air purifier for personal use in its portfolio. It is now available at a price of 349 euros (RRP) in white / silver and black / nickel.

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