Moby's new album ends up exclusively in the meditation app Calm

Moby's new album ends up exclusively in the meditation app Calm

You kind of messed up the release of Moby's new album? Never mind, because that was the purpose of the case – well, somehow. The musician's new tracks were released just in time for World Sleep Day on March 15 – exclusively in the meditation app Calm.

Moby's new album is called "Long Ambients 2" and is the sequel to "Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep.", A collection of minimalist music that Moby has purposefully composed as a sleep aid. Now there are six new tracks with a running time of 37 minutes, which should relax the audience even more. You can hear it but only via the Calm app.

Moby against restless nights

"I originally did these songs for myself because I could not find that kind of music anywhere," the electro artist said, according to Calm . "'Long Ambients 2' was created to help me fall asleep and help other people find peace and possibly a better night's sleep, sharing it with other people who have sleep problems, struggle with fears or have a hard time to calm down. "

Calm continues to provide spectacular content

It's not the first time that the Calm app has caused a stir with exclusive content. In 2016, the meditation app transformed entire episodes of the iconic TV show "The Joy of Painting" with US artist Bob Ross into so-called "Sleep Stories" . A few months later, the users of the app could then read a bedtime story by actor Matthew McConaughey . And now there is also the personal sleep music of Moby … If that does not make for sweet dreams, then what?

The app "Calm: Meditation and Sleep" is available for both iOS and Android .

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