Practical gimmick: This drone can be controlled with the power of thought!

Practical gimmick: This drone can be controlled with the power of thought!

Flying a drone through the air can not only create spectacular pictures, but is also a lot of fun. Even more fun could be the matter, however, if you do not constantly hold a controller in your hand. This is what the company EEGSmart thought and brought the so-called UDrone on the market. At first glance, the small quadrocopter looks pretty unspectacular. The integrated camera should not really inspire professionals. The drone can be controlled relatively simply with a smartphone. However, the second control option is especially interesting: the supplied UMind Lite headset makes it possible to control the flying object without using the hands.

Picture: EEG Smart

The Mind Control control works amazingly easy

For this, the technical device must be clamped behind the ears so that the front strut runs along the forehead. A little bit, it looks like you're wearing Google glasses – but without glasses. The headset then measures a whole range of data. Starting with the electrical activity within the brain through the movements of the eyes to the activity of certain muscles. Finally, to take control of the drone, the headset must be connected to the smartphone app. Then the drone can be switched to the "Mind Control Mode" and you can start: The height of the flight can then be changed by focusing your thoughts.
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The camera can also be operated with the eyes

But where it's flown, the head movements decide. Relative simple is the curve. If you turn your head to the left, the UDrone also flies in that direction. When asked whether to fly forwards or backwards, the trick works the other way around. When you look up, the quadrocopter flies forward. This seems to take some getting used to at first glance. Through selective blinking, the integrated camera can also be activated and images can be shot or videos can be shot. The series production of the special drone is to be financed by crowdfunding. Early supporters can purchase the drone and headset for $ 279 on the Kickstarter platform as of March 12.

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