Galaxy S10: Samsung shows latest cutting-edge technology in its future smartphones

Galaxy S10: Samsung shows latest cutting-edge technology in its future smartphones

Since March 8, the new flagship smartphones from Samsung are on the market. The three models in the Galaxy S10 series claim to define cutting-edge technology. In fact, the first testers are quite pleased and have taken a closer look at a number of features that set the Galaxy S10 apart from the competition.

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Unique selling points of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Ever faster processors and ever higher resolutions of the displays and cameras are hardly considered as something special with top smartphones . Far more important for the majority of those interested in buying are other innovations that enhance the user experience or even add new features. Here Samsung can actually score with the Galaxy S10, which is available in three different sizes and price ranges. Six details stand out for the testers, which makes the Galaxy S10 something special:

  • The fingerprint sensor is installed under the display. This is not unique, but the method used to scan the fingerprint as a biometric security feature. Samsung uses ultrasound technology, which has the advantage over competitors of working reliably even on wet or very cold fingers.
  • Samsung's smartphones come with Bixby as a language assistant and Bixby can now finally understand German. Even those who can not start with language assistants can benefit from Bixby. Because the artificial intelligence of the software also works in the background and adapts the Galaxy S10 to personal habits such as news to the morning or battery saving in the car.

The built-in cargo area of the Galaxy S10 not only makes it possible to charge the smartphone wirelessly, but can also be used to charge other devices wirelessly as well.

  • Samsung's Galaxy S10 uses a significantly different design solution than the centrally located notches that have spread since Apple's iPhone X with the holes for the front cameras embedded in the top right corner of the display.
  • So far, something underestimated is that the Galaxy S10 pick up the trend to cryptocurrencies . This is served by a protected from the Internet storage area, which is available as a cold wallet. There, for example, Ethereum (ETH) can be kept safe without the risk of criminals reaching the private keys for the crypto-credit online. An unlocked app called Samsung Blockchain Wallet makes it easy to pay for games with crypto currencies. There is a lot of future potential for professionals due to software updates.
  • The 3.5mm jack as a special feature? It is no longer available on the iPhones, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Google Pixel 3 as the natural competitor of the Galaxy S10 smartphone family. In this respect, the classic jack socket for the connection of high-quality headphones in 2019 should be emphasized.

What makes the Galaxy S10 different?

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the most compact and cheapest version. The most important difference technically is the smaller battery and only a front camera for selfies. The Galaxy S10 has two and the battery lasts longer. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + convinced the particularly large screen size of 6.4 inches plus extra-strong battery. A Galaxy S10 5G, which will dominate the upcoming faster mobile data protocol 5G, is announced. For all those who have already made positive experiences with Samsung smartphone series Galaxy, it is worth the upgrade to S10 alone because of the new features. And those who are looking around for a top smartphone right now, find with the Galaxy S10 real alternatives to iPhone and Co. Currently, the Galaxy smartphones are available at particularly attractive conditions at 1 & 1 and can be ordered in all four color variants from now on.

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