Alcohol and potholes: These are the most common causes of accidents with electric scooters!

Alcohol and potholes: These are the most common causes of accidents with electric scooters!

In the United States, they initially triggered a huge hype and then came more and more into the criticism: electric scooters for rent as they offer about the companies Bird and Lime. In Germany, the companions may currently only be used on private land. However, this should change in a timely manner with the small electrical vehicles regulation . Reason enough to take a closer look at the experiences from the United States. There, the hospitals found that the number of accidents involving electric scooters had increased significantly. This should not really surprise. Finally, the number of users has also increased. It is interesting, however, that the vast majority of accidents were not caused by collisions.

The scooters react sensitively to bumps

So cars and other road users are not so much of a threat. Rather, hit bumps and similar bumps become a problem. This is not least because of the small wheels of scooters, which makes them less robust than bicycles. In particular, new users often lack the experience, which leads to falls. The problem also worsens when the drivers have drunk alcohol or taken drugs. Two hospitals analyzed the data in detail and concluded that of the 249 people who were treated after a scooter accident, they were a whopping 48 percent above the alcohol level for driving. 52 percent were also tested positive for illegal drugs. Both should have had a negative effect on the ability to drive.

Even electric bicycles brought more accidents

This would suggest that most accidents happened at night. However, this is contradicted by a study by the United States Centers for Disease Control, which conducted investigations in Austin, Texas. Accordingly, the accidents are distributed evenly throughout the day. Here too, however, it was clear that not drivers, but bad roads are the main dangers for the drivers of electric scooters. A detailed report will be presented in the next weeks. Electric scooters are not the only mobility innovation that brought an increase in accident numbers. The same applies to electric bicycles and pedelecs . The main reason here: The overestimation of one's own abilities.

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