CityAirbus: Airbus lags behind in the development of airline taxis

CityAirbus: Airbus lags behind in the development of airline taxis

It was a big media event and the politics were prominently represented: Airbus has presented a flight taxi in Ingolstadt, which will later transport up to four people. How far the way is still there, however, showed up in the run-up to the event. Because the drone was transported by truck to the city center. The reason is simple: so far she has never flown. Rather, only the ground tests have been running since the beginning of the year. The maiden flight is planned in the spring. Other companies are already much further ahead. Boeing, for example, has already let his flight taxi fly . Even earlier were the startups Lilium Aviation and Volocopter .

Airbus is not quite that far with the development of the CityAirbus. Image: Airbus

The use should be affordable for everyone

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the CityAirbus. It is held in the air by eight rotors and, from a technological point of view, is able to autonomously fly fixed targets. In order to create confidence, however, a so-called operator should always fly at the beginning. The drone is powered by an electric motor that Siemens has developed and is contributing to the joint project. Overall, Airbus believes that construction and operation will be significantly cheaper than a classic helicopter. The aim of the engineers is to keep prices comparable to today's usual taxi fares. Whether this will succeed, but can not yet be reckoned serious.
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Politicians want to provide the legal framework

Currently, the plans are for the first commercial flights to take place in 2025. For comparison: Volocopter has already announced similar for the year 2021. Help also comes from politics. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) announced that he would soon be creating the necessary legal framework. He also has a possible operational route in mind: The CityAirbus could significantly improve the connection of Munich Airport to the city center of the Bavarian capital. The first test flights will not be held in Ingolstadt for a reason. Not only is the Airbus helicopter factory in Donauwörth nearby, but it is also one of 15 cities within the European Union that has been selected as a test field for airline taxis.


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