The Boring Company: Elon Musk is to dig a tunnel in Las Vegas!

The Boring Company: Elon Musk is to dig a tunnel in Las Vegas!

Every year, almost the entire tech elite gathers for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The trade fair grounds burst regularly at the seams and is therefore currently being expanded again. After that, the distance from one end to the other will be more than three kilometers. This makes it clear that new forms of transport are also needed. Fortunately, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has an idea. According to the founded and Elon Musk funded company "The Boring Company" dig a tunnel below the site. It could then provide autonomous electric vehicles for a kind of shuttle service. The final decision on the construction is expected in June.

In the second expansion stage, the famous Strip would also be connected to the tunnel system.

An extension to the airport would be conceivable

The cost of the project is initially estimated at a manageable 35 to 55 million euros. Through various measures – such as the reduction of the tube diameter and the marketing of the resulting overburden – "The Boring Company" according to own data drill significantly cheaper tunnel than most competitors. However, this approach has so far only been successfully applied to a tunnel in Los Angeles. If the tunnel below the Las Vegas trade fair is completed promptly and inexpensively, another contract beckons. Because plans include expanding the system and connecting the airport, the casino mile and the stadium of the city. This would require significantly longer tunnels.

Protests could delay the project

The news of the plans in Las Vegas comes at the right time for the tunnel construction company of Elon Musk. Because other projects of the company are struggling with problems. For example, plans for a tunnel in Los Angeles had to be abandoned due to protests by local residents. Also in a planned underground transport system in Chicago last organized resistance. In Las Vegas, on the other hand, it was taxi drivers who prevented massive monstrosity from extending the monorail. It remains to be seen if they will work against the tunnel plans. If everything goes according to plan, visitors could already use the new means of transport on the CES 2021. The construction period should amount to only about one year.

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