New pictures: Europe's first Hyperloop track is almost done!

New pictures: Europe's first Hyperloop track is almost done!

The concept of the Hyperloop sounds great: Specially designed transport capsules are to be sent at speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers per hour through a vacuum tube. This could shorten the travel time between two points massively. So far, however, there is a problem: In practice, no Hyperloop drives. The previous speed record was achieved by the company Virgin Hyperloop One and is at 387 kilometers per hour. The competing company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) wants to outperform this value in the future and therefore builds its own test track in Toulouse, France. First pictures on Twitter now show that the tube system has already been completed. Now the vacuum pumps have to be installed before the first test runs are to start in April.

Image: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Toulouse is the European hyperloop capital

The vacuum tube has a diameter of four meters and thus comes the desired original size. However, it is only 320 meters long, so that the full speed is not yet reached here. At the very least, the test track offers a way to prove the functionality of the technology. It is no coincidence that it was built in Toulouse, France of all places. HTT has been building a large research and development center there for two years. Site selection was also facilitated by massive subsidies from local authorities. Among other things, the public sector provided the plots free of charge. On top of that, the airlines based around the city already have a large amount of on-site expertise and a large number of well-trained specialists.

First routes are planned in China and Dubai

The transport capsule, which is supposed to shoot through the vacuum tube in April, will be built in Spain. It bears the name Quintero One and was presented to the public in autumn . But it is still a pure test object – without any interior. For the production in southern Spain, a new company called Airtificial was founded. HTT boss Dirk Ahlborn recently announced that his company is working on routes in Dubai and China. The realization should take place within the next three years. However, there are also examples from the past where the high hopes have not been fulfilled. The Transrapid, which was developed in Germany, only travels on a single track in Shanghai. The last Transrapid produced in Germany , however, was sold to a sausage manufacturer .

Via: Hyperloop Twitter

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