Boeing already wants to launch the first autonomous fighter aircraft next year!

Boeing already wants to launch the first autonomous fighter aircraft next year!

Combat aircraft have undergone rapid development in the last one hundred years or so. Even in World War I, the pilots were a true Ascension squad. Later, more and more security measures were installed – such as the so-called ejection seat. However, the use of foreign territory is still a significant danger dar. This was again recently in the conflict between India and Pakistan: There, the Pakistani army has reportedly downed two Indian fighter jets and captured at least one pilot. The aircraft manufacturer Boeing now wants to completely banish the pilot from individual aircraft and developed under the name "Boeing Airpower Teaming System" a kind of unmanned drone with the capabilities of a fighter aircraft.

Image: Boeing

The production costs are much lower than usual

This is intended primarily for protection. For example, fighter pilots could be surrounded by a swarm of autonomous drones. These can then be used to clarify, to prevent danger or to transmit data. Basically, autonomous fighter aircraft bring two major advantages: On the one hand, this also allows aircraft movements that are not possible with a human on board – for example, because excessive centrifugal forces act. On the other hand, however, the production costs are significantly lower than in a classic army flyer. The reason for this is simple: significantly fewer safety components have to be installed. In addition, the designers have more space available because no human body has to fit in any more. This also reduces the costs.

How far can artificial intelligence go?

The concept of a hybrid of fighter aircraft and drone, presented for the first time by Boeing, can be controlled from the ground on request. However, it is expressly also provided that an artificial intelligence monitors the flight process and makes its own decisions. So far, however, has not been commented on how far the autonomy of the aircraft should go. For example, is artificial intelligence allowed to use the weapons on board when an enemy plane has been detected? Experts repeatedly warn against such scenarios and always want to make the appropriate decisions to a person. Ultimately, however, it is above all the customers who decide how the autonomous combat aircraft will ultimately be used. In addition to the USA and NATO partners, Boeing wants to sell the new development to many other countries from all over the world.

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