Too expensive: Postbot is not allowed to deliver letters anymore!

Too expensive: Postbot is not allowed to deliver letters anymore!

Deutsche Post has experimented a lot in recent years to optimize the delivery of letters and parcels. One of the success stories in this context is the street scooter . The delivery vehicle, which is equipped with an electric motor, is now widely used in Germany and is also sold to other companies . Other experiments, however, seem to have been less successful. Thus, Frank Frank Appel announced in an interview with the Tagesspiegel that in the foreseeable future probably no drones will be used in the delivery. Corresponding tests had previously been carried out in the Alps and at the seashore – but apparently could not convince the management.

Picture: DHL

The Postbot followed the deliverer at every turn

The delivery robot named Postbot was again tested with a special permit in Bad Hersfeld, Hesse. The task area of the robot was deliberately limited from the beginning. He was to take only 150 kilograms of letters and parcels and then always follow the human postman. Technically, this was accomplished by enabling the software to identify the legs of the deliverer. If they set in motion, followed the post office. By contrast, the device did not have its own autonomous control. The Postbot was developed to simplify the lives of human employees. Because in more than a thousand delivery districts they still have to carry the mail on foot.

The technology worked flawlessly

This did not change even by the post-robot. Because this is not able to deliver even letters. He also does not gather information about which letters he is charged and in what area he is currently in use. Thanks to the robot, however, the deliverers no longer had to push the mail by hand in a rather heavy cart, but could leave the task to the technical side. However, after several tests, it is now clear that the Postbot will not be used nationwide. The reason for this is quite simple: Although the technology basically worked exactly as expected, the acquisition costs are too high for the Group. According to the post chief, this will not change significantly in the coming years.

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