Gunrid: Ikea curtains purify the air in your home

Gunrid: Ikea curtains purify the air in your home

You are not immune to air pollution in your own home. That's why plants or air purifiers are used in many homes to improve the air. In the future, however, innovative curtains could take over this job.

Because Ikea has developed with Gunrid air-purifying curtains, as the Swedish furniture store on his blog Ikea Today presented.

Common pollutants are eliminated

The technology was developed by Ikea product developer Mauricio Affonso in collaboration with specialists from universities in Europe and Asia. The result is the curtain Gunrid, which should be able to eliminate common indoor air pollutants such as odors and formaldehyde.

Light activates the cleaning process

This is made possible by a mineral-based photocatalyst coating applied to the fabric. Activated by light, Gunrid splits the pollutants in the air. It makes no difference whether it is artificial light or sunlight. It should even be broken down substances that leave behind other air purifiers.

Gunrid will be coming to the furniture stores next year

"We wanted to provide a simple, convenient and affordable way to purify the air that does not take up too much space in people's homes," Affonso says. He is above all concerned with the multifunctionality of the curtain. After being successfully tested in the laboratory, Gunrid will then be tested in rooms and apartments. If everything goes according to plan, Gunrid will be available in the Ikeamärkten from next year.

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