Hamburg gives gas: Electric articulated bus for over 100 passengers in the test operation

Hamburg gives gas: Electric articulated bus for over 100 passengers in the test operation

He can transport more than 100 passengers at the same time: the articulated bus of the Irizar brand, which the Hamburger Hochbahn is now testing. Hamburg is on a good way to electrify the public transport fleet. This is another step to the goal.

There he drives, the articulated bus from Spain! / Picture: Screenshot from youtube video su

The buses are already in use in Spain

The Irizar buses with the name "ie-tram 18m" come from Spain, where they already prove themselves in everyday use. In the cities of San Sebastian and Barcelona, they are not only admired from afar, but you can also comfortably gondolas from A to B. However, the almost 19-meter-long companions are also visually not to be despised: The side windows are pulled low down, so that the articulated buses resemble a tram. The current test phase is expected to last a week, the Hamburger Hochbahn hopes that more accurate insights into the handling and the load capacity. The high north of Germany is a bit different than Spain, let's see how the buses do at much lower temperatures.

Which is good, will take a while

Four electric buses are currently in permanent operation in Hamburg, and 56 more will be added over the next two years. What's good, it takes time, they used to say – and that's true in this case as well. The cost of e-buses is high, their use should be worthwhile for people and the environment; therefore it is important not to rush. The current test phase is in preparation for the corresponding call for tenders, which should follow later this year.

Here are the key data of the new articulated buses for those who have a sense of technology: The electric drive has a power of 235 kW, the capacity of lithium-ion batteries is 150 kWh. The batteries should be charged at night in the bus station or alternatively at the line end points, and with either 500 or 100 kW. If the Spanish bus runs fully electrically, ie also ventilation, heating and air conditioning are operated by battery, it creates with a load 60 kilometers.


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