Galaxy Fold: Samsung is the first major manufacturer with a foldable smartphone!

Galaxy Fold: Samsung is the first major manufacturer with a foldable smartphone!

The Christmas business was anything but splendid for Samsung. Among other things, because significantly fewer smartphones were sold than planned, sales and profits fell significantly. In response, the group had now rented the Bill Graham conference hall in San Francisco to make new headlines with new products. In total, company boss DJ Koh presented four new smartphone models. The most attention, however, received the Galaxy Fold. At first glance, it seems to be an unusually thick smartphone with a rather small display. But with a simple movement of the hand, the smartphone can open and you get a kind of mini-tablet with a display diagonal of at least 18.5 centimeters. So far, only the startup Royole has presented a similar product .

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A new polymer layer ensures a uniform picture

The Galaxy Fold was shown in San Francisco only on stage, so about weight and usability so far can not be said much. Especially since Samsung with more detailed information held back rather. It is only known that the device has a total of six cameras and two integrated batteries. In addition, some technical performance data were announced: The memory is 12 gigabytes and the internal memory at 512 gigabytes. So far, little is known about the technology behind the foldable display. Samsung spoke only of a "new polymer layer", which ensures that the hinge is not visible in the middle. The presentation finally got a little uneasy when the price of the new foldable smartphone was announced: it's a staggering $ 1980 in the United States.
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Facebook and Google have already developed customized apps

For Europe, where the market launch will take place at the beginning of May, no concrete number has yet been named. But there is little reason to hope that it could be much cheaper in this country. Samsung itself speaks therefore of a luxury product. Whether the technology will prevail in the long term, will also depend on how the app developers respond to the new opportunities. On stage in California it was shown that at least Google and Facebook have already developed optimized applications – such as Google Maps. If demand arises, the foldable display could be produced in larger quantities in the long term, which would also significantly reduce the cost per unit. Then the step from luxury to mass production would be possible. Samsung seems to focus on just such a development.

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