Nov 15

How to set facebook privacy

1. Enable HTTPS encryption:- This feature, which encrypts data transferred during Facebook sessions, is designed to prevent attackers from compromising users’ accounts. To do so, go to your Account Settings > Account security and enable Secure Browsing (https).

2. Enable Device detection:- To do so, go to your Account Settings > Account security and enable the feature which says “When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account”. Check on Send me an email.

3. Facebook privacy Settings:- This feature will help you to set the privacy of your Facebook Account. If you don’t want available to the public or don,t share your personal stuff with others here. Than this feature will help you to do this. To do this got yo Click Account > Click Privacy Settings and you will make the changes there like who can see your profile, pics, posts, and all.

Aug 07

6 Ways To Speed Up Your Site

  • Reduce the HTTP Requests

when opening a web page every object (images, scripts and the line) will require a round trip to the server. This latency can add several seconds to the load time of your site. Make sure to reduce the number of objects and to combine CSS files and scripts together.

  • Optimize Images

It is widely known that the loading time of websites has a major influence on the overall user experience. If on the age of 56K Modems people would be willing to wait even half a minute for a website to load this time span has been drastically reduced lately. There are market researches, in fact, confirming that users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within 4 seconds. The first part of the “Speed Up Your Site” series will cover how to optimize images. Images can create an extra load on the size of your pages, specially if you forget to optimize them. Photoshop and similar image editing software include a feature called “Save for the web”. Always use this feature since it will reduce the image size and load time substantially.If you do not use an image editing software or if you want something more practical you can use this online image optimizer from Dynamic Drive.To convert soundcloud to mp3 use this tool It will automatically optimize gif, png and jpeg images, and it will also convert file formats if needed. always use the “Save for the web” feature included on image editing software. Images represent the heavier load on virtually any website so make sure you are optimizing them. Alternatively you can also turn to an online image optimizer.

  • Image Formats

apart from optimizing images it is important that you choose the right format. JPEG format is suitable for photographs or true-color images. The GIF format should be used with flat-color images like logos or buttons. PNG works very similar to GIF but it supports more colors.
JPEG Stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This format was created for photographs and fine art-work. You should use JPEG images whenever you are displaying a photo or a true-color image. Notice that if you are using compression to reduce the file size you should use a 50% compression rate for optimal results.

GIF: Stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The GIF format is connected with the history of the Internet, mainly because of its small size. JPEG images support millions of colors while GIF ones will integrate a maximum of 256 colors. You should use this format for flat-color images like logos, buttons or text images. GIF is also the format of choice for animated images.

PNG: Stands for Portable Network Graphics. The PNG format was created specifically for the Internet, with the objective of replacing GIF images. The main advantage of PNG images over GIF ones is that they support 24-bit colors and alpha transparency. That said not all the browsers recognize some of its features. You should use the PNG format for simple images that require more than 256 colors.

  • Optimize Your CSS

Cascading Style Sheets make websites much more efficient because they allow the browsers to cache style-related information from the .css file directly, removing the need to read that information every time a single page is loaded. Even if Style Sheets are naturally more efficient than HTML tables you can still optimize the CSS code to make your website cleaner and faster.most websites are designed with CSS nowadays. Make sure to aggregate and clean your CSS. CleanCSS is an online tool that will merge similar selectors, remove useless properties and remove the whitespace from your code.

  • Use a Slash on Your Links

when a user opens a link on the form “” the server will need to figure what kind of file or page is contained on that address. If you include a slash (/) at the end of the link the server will already know that this is a directory page, reducing the load time of the site.

  • Use the Height and Width Tags

Many people forget to add the Height and Width tags on image codes. Those tags will make sure that the browser knows the size of the image before loading it. The result is that it will reserve a spot for the images while loading the rest of the page, speeding up the whole process.


Mar 04

How to Backing up Social Media with Social Safe

Step 1. Go to SocialSafe Registration Page. Choose the Free Download followed by Install Now.

Step 2. Let the Flash App download completely then click on Open > Install > Choose location > Install.

Kiev, Ukraine – October 17, 2012 – A logotype collection of well-known social media brand’s printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

Step 3. After the installation is completed, Social Safe Desktop Application will open up. Click on the Gear Icon and Choose Use for Free.

Step 4. Click on Checkbox near Terms of Use, Click on Facebook Icon.

Step 5. Login to your Facebook account and Choose the permissions.

Step 6. After you are successfully logged in, You can choose the Synchronization options like Photos, Status Updates etc, After that choose the Sync Button next to the Sync Options.